Profinet hand-held scanners in engine assembly


In the engine factory of an automobile manufacturer, hand-held scanners are to be integrated in the existing Profinet network. Suitable Profinet gateways are sought for this purpose.


The MA 248i modular interfacing units are used. With the MA2xxi series, devices with an RS232 interface can be integrated in various networks – in this case in the Profinet network of the engine factory. Furthermore, the supply voltage of 5 V needed for the hand-held scanner can be tapped directly from pin 9 of the interfacing unit. This eliminates the need for the additional socket for the transformer of the hand-held scanner.


  • 行业/领域

    Automotive industry (powertrain)

  • 任务

    Bar code

  • 应用

    Profinet hand-held scanners in engine assembly